Theres nothing to see here, move along now...


Oh the longest a human has not eaten food is 54 weeks.


All the computers on earth are now more powerful than 1 human brain, just.(March 2015)


Love is a decision by the subconscious, it's madness in that we can't control it.


Humans have the sole responsibility to preserve life in the universe.(Were not that good at it yet)


My current internet connection is about 5208 times faster than my 1st connection.(9600 modem-50 mbit fiber)


When my dad was borne there was 1.5 billion people on earth. He is 91.(March 2015)


If your overweight hunger should be your friend.


People who have low calorie diets live up to 40% longer.


If your house has really good insulation it will never get cold.(Even without a boiler)


LED light bulbs use about 5% of the power of regular bulbs.(My electric bill went from 81 to 14)